Installation Instructions

Division Setup

  • Go to the Preferences page to setup your preferences. It's a good recommendation that new players should set theirs to a regiment limit of 5 regiments and 4 guns. Experienced players may later set their limits to what they feel comfortable commanding.
    My personal recommendation is for experienced players to use a limit of 8-10 regiments and 6-10 guns.
  • Next go to the My Divisions page to setup your division.
  • Some notes on setting up your division:
    • First you need to create your Confederate and Union divisions. Type a name for your commander and then hit the button to create each one.
      Later on if you want to change their names, go to the Preferences page to change their names.
    • Regiments or Artillery guns underneath the unassigned commander are unassigned. This means they are in your division but will not be brought to the battle. They will still receive replacements when running turns.
    • Press the New Random Infantry Commander button to recruit a new infantry brigade commander for the division. (You may have a max of 4 infantry brigade commanders per division)
    • Press the New Random Infantry Regiment button to recruit a new regiment for the division. (You may have a max of 16 regiments per division)
    • To assign a regiment, simply drag the regiment using the triple bar icon (☰) to the commander you want the regiment assigned to. Move them to the "unassigned" commander if you don't want them to come to battle right now.
    • Repeat this process for artillery guns and assign them to battery commanders. As with regiments, unassigned guns will not come to the battle.
    • If you don't want a regiment, artillery gun, or commander in your division anymore, click the button in their row. (Note: there is no undo once you confirm this action, so be careful)
    • When your regiments have been to battle and need new replacements, hit the Get Replacements. This will get some random amount of replacements for that respective division. You'll get a log of what regiments received replacements (and perhaps lost experience) at the top of page after hitting this button. You can press the button at most "1 + the number of battles that division has been in today" times each day