Change Log

Version 0.1 20180813: Warning: NGCM is still new. Do not get too attached to your pixel troops. The system may be reset during this initial period to correct problems and/or add new functionality. If you take a look at your divisions one day and they are empty it is probably because of this ;-)
Version 0.2 20180813: AttackDefend scenario type added. Regimental commander names added to all regiments. Collapsed download scenarios page into battles list. Added different commander pictures to OOBs in game.
Version 0.3 20180813: Replay Viewer added. Courier/No courier option removed.
Version 0.4 20180813: Battle Queues added. Added some randomization to regiment stats (doesn't just follow experience up and down now). Replacements will now be much harder on regiments with experience 7-9, it will be the same as it was for regiments with experience 4-6, and it will be much easier on regiments with experience 0-3.
Version 0.5 20180813: Adding "objective style." It can be either Even, 50-50, or 75-25. The Even style is what was normal before. The 50-50 means that the major objective (object #1) will be worth 50% of the total objective value and the other objectives will evenly split the other 50%. The 75-25 means that the major objective will be worth 75% of the total objective value the other objectives will evenly split the other 25%. These styles only only work with objective counts greater than or equal to 3.
Version 0.6 20180813: Added civil war style background images to main pages. Added running headcount to replay viewer.
Version 0.7 20180816: Updated front page. Added Divisions unit page for viewing other player's divisions. Added links to these divisions from Artillery, Commanders, and Infantry pages when a unit is in a division.
Version 0.8 20180823: Added Army/Corps Preference to user preferences. Changed new regiment parameters to be smaller, but higher experience.
Version 0.9 20180831: Added Fixed queue type. Added balancing by player skill options.
Version 1.0 20180901: Added cavalry; they are part of your division like infantry. Random battle parameters now serve to limit division sizes per battle at the hosts discretion.
Version 1.1 20180903: Added host ability to set attacker/defender % troop advantage for AttackDefend games.
Version 1.2 20180909: Added Objective Holder Wagons. Added that objective holders & wagons can be put at the army, corps, or division level.
Version 1.3 20180920: Limited secondary attributes on regiments to +/-2 from experience.
Version 1.4 20180927: Added win rate statistics to divisions page.
Version 1.5 20180929: Adding host ability to NOT balance OOBs.
Version 1.6 20181101: Adding artillery gun replacements to turns and overall game troop limits.
Version 1.7 20181102: Attention: Updated NGCMGameplay mod uploaded (version 0.2). Please download NGCMGameplay to your mods/ directory, activate it in SOW, and remove all previous versions of NGCMGameplay, NGCMGameplayDev, and GCMGameplay2. This change makes rear fire as bad as flank fire, slightly lowers morale loss from each casualty taken, allows units to rally to a higher morale, and makes calvalry not as fatigued.
Version 1.8 20181121: Attention: Updated NGCMGameplay mod uploaded (version 0.3). Please download NGCMGameplay to your mods/ directory, activate it in SOW, and remove all previous versions of NGCMGameplay, NGCMGameplayDev, and GCMGameplay2. This change halves the effectiveness of rear fire: setting it to 1/2 way between what it was in 0.1 and what it was in 0.2.
Version 1.9 20181125: Making Armies always face the center of the map instead of the opposing army.
Version 2.0 20181208: Adding some of the historical & stock maps into the battle generator. Attention Updated NGCMGameplay (version 0.4) mod uploaded and newly created NGCMHistoricalMaps mod. Please delete and re-download & install NGCMGameplay and download, install and activate NGCMHistoricalMaps if you want to play in games using the historical/stock maps.
Version 2.1 20190105: Small bug fix to deal with invalid characters in randomly generated commander names.
Version 2.2 20190126: Added NGCMRandomMaps2 to add in an additional 125 maps.
Version 2.3 20190127: Changed encounter games to have a ~60% chance to be 'opposite sides' spawns and 40% chance to be 'next to' spawns (previously it was ~33% 'opposite' and ~64% 'next to'). Updated the player skill based team balancing algorithm.
Version 2.4 20190201: Added ability for admin to limit user division size. Added ability for admin to cleanup unrecorded battles.
Version 2.5 20190209: Added average experience statistics to division pages..
Version 2.6 20190216: Adding map spawn area and objective area visualization to mini-map on battle generator page. Also added some error checking to map corners to make sure they were valid before creating the battle.
Version 2.7 20190216: Adding saving (per-user) battle generate options.
Version 2.8 20190221: Adding staggered objective appearance option when generating a battle.
Version 2.9 20190223: Added NGCMRandomMaps3 and NGCMRandomMaps4
Version 3.0 20190310: Updating install instructions.
Version 3.1 20190313: SupplyTrain scenario type added.
Version 3.2 20190316: Added NGCMFogOfWarLite mod.
Version 3.3 20190408: Adding a "mercy limit" to the balancer that won't remove regiments from a division of less than 4 regiments unless there are no other larger divisions to remove from.
Version 3.4.0 20190410: Added "Enforce Admin Div Limits" option to battle generator to allow hosts to enforce admin set user division limits or not.
Version 3.4.1 20190412: Small admin clean function fix to clean cavalry too.
Version 3.4.2 20190511: Small change to fix regiment's not recording experience when they had ' in their name
Version 3.5.0 20190526: Updated the way players are distributed through the corps in an army to better utilize the army/corps preference of the user. Also added more of the US Corps/Division/Brigade flags into the game.
Version 3.5.1 20190531: Minor update to the flags
Version 3.6.0 20190601: Updated battle creation option to use "enhanced flags." This requires all users to have the newly updated NGCMFlags (or NGCMFlagsLite) mod installed and activated. Otherwise, battles can still be generated without depending upon these updated flags.
Version 3.6.1 20190713: Minor update for enhanced flags with division commanders
Version 3.6.2 20190719: Changed the max regiments limit per division to separate between infantry (16) and Cavalry (4)
Version 3.7.0 20190720: Adding new game modes: GetSomeShoes and SplitArmy
Version 3.7.1 20190725: Updating spawn type probabilities for SplitArmy game mode
Version 3.7.2 20190817: Further updates to spawn type probabilities for SplitArmy game mode as well as Army/Corps commander choosing
Version 3.8.0 20190806: Updating NGCMGamePlay to version 0.5. Includes some special sprite definitions for specific units: Louisiana Tigers, Cherokee, Stonewall Brigrade, Iron Brigade, Colored Regiments, Bucktail Brigade, Union Western Territories, and fixes to Confederate Zouave regiments. There is also an experimental NGCMGamePlayExp mod that can be used in place of the NGCMGamePlay mod if you want to try out the high definition sprites in battles (note that ALL players must be using either, NGCMGamePlay or NGCMGamePlayExp-- you cannot mix-and-match those mods with players in the same game. Also, you may have more luck getting the NGCMGamePlayExp to load if you turn on NGCMFlagsLite instead of NGCMFlags as it lowers the amount of video memory needed.
Version 3.8.1 20190816: Sorting the division management page and unit list pages better. Added the ability for divisions to have only cavalry or only artillery and then give them preference for holding those unit types on their side. Also updated the NGCMGamePlayExp to version 0.2 to increase the speed of cavalry.
Version 3.8.2 20190817: Adding new host options to limit overall battle size by infantry, artillery, or cavalry
Version 3.9.0 20190819: Adding NGCMRandomMaps5. You need to either download it and activate it as a mod, or re-download the new version (0.2) of the NGCMAllMaps and replace the old version of that mod.
Version 4.0.0 20190830: Adding NGCMRandomMaps6. You need to either download it and activate it as a mod, or re-download the new version (0.3) of the NGCMAllMaps and replace the old version of that mod. Two new host options: weather which affects visiblity and the time of the game scenario. Spawn Bounds which allows either normal or outer spawn locations (sort of like the rest of the army in the GetSomeShoes type). Note that this applies to all scenario types, so it is possible to play GetSomeShoes with normal spawns instead of the rest of the army being on the edge of the map. A new scenario type has been added: Redirection. This scenario type adds in additional objectives that are host configurable as to value and number. These secondary objectives may spawn in any quad that is not the spawn quad and will be "waypoint" type that requires only 1 minute to hold. They will require a significant number of troops to take though (1250 right now) so that a broken regiment or a couple regiments of Cavalry is not enough to take it. They will show up later in the game (with 1 objective 1/2 through the game, with 2 1/3 and 2/3s of the way through, and so forth).
Version 4.0.1 20190831: Increasing experience and other stats gained by brigade and artillery commanders.
Version 4.1.0 20190905: Adding SplitGetSomeShoes, SplitSupplyWagon, and SplitRedirection scenario types.
Version 4.2.0 20190912: Adding regiment tokens. These are earned at a rate of 1 every 25 games of 6+ players. Also making Brigade commander stats effect the headcount of regiments brought to the battle. The balancer now prefers to remove 1 gun batteries and 1 regiment brigades (everything else being equal).
Version 4.2.1 20190914: Updating NGCMGamePlayExp mod in preparation for it replacing NGCMGamePlay. Download it: NGCMGamePlayExp. Also reducing the number of flags used out of the NGCMFlags mod so that it can be successfully used fully with the NGCMGamePlayExp mod.
Version 4.2.2 20190914: Updating NGCMGamePlayExp (again to version 0.4) mod in preparation for it replacing NGCMGamePlay. Download it: NGCMGamePlayExp. This version should have fixed the cavalry speed.
Version 4.2.3 20190915: Small fix to battle recorder to deal with deceased division commander
Version 4.2.4 20190916: Guarding against multiple turns per division by resubmitting a page. Also guarding against a deceased corps and army commander while recording.